Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church
      Daniel P. Sullivan Council 10208
    Fr. Victor A. Bieberle Assembly 2316

2016-17 PROGRAM DIRECTOR, Council 10208: Tony Cifelli supported by--

A. CHURCH DIRECTOR: Don Ritter supported by—

1. Silent Retreat: Tom Yarina

2. RSVP Seminarian Support: Bob Honzik

3. Keep Christ in Christmas: Don Ritter (sale of remaining cards)

4. CCD Program, Parishsupported by various Knights

5. Rectory Maintenance: Mike Kerwin

6. Public Square Rosary: Jim Goodson

7. Running of the Silver Rose: Don Ritter

8. Feast of the Sacred Heart: TBD

9. Father McGivney Birthday Observance: Fr. Bill Elser

10. Arkansas Men’s Conference: Bob Honzik

The Church Director also supports the following activities.

1. Special Topic Discussions: Deacons Larry Lipsmeyer and John Froning

2. First Friday/Saturday Mass and Devotions: Chaplain Fr. Bill Elser

3. World Day of Prayer for Peace: Jim Goodson

4. Subiaco Retreats for Arkansas Knights and spouses: TBD

5. Social Justice and Charitable Outreach Commission: Jerry Bertrand

6. Liturgical Ministeries: encourage maximum participation

a. Eucharistic Extraordinary Minister: Larry Lipsmeyer

b. Lectors: Mike Garstecki and Deacon John Froning

c. Money Counters: Mike Kerwin

d. Music: Cantors and Choir

e. Servers: Ray Bertrand

f. Ushers: TBD

7. Building the Domestic Church for Married Couples: Gary Wolfer

8. Fifth Sunday Patriotic Rosary: Ron Boudereaux

B. COMMUNITY DIRECTOR: Bill George supported by—

1. Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Summer Baskets: Ed Keearns

2. People with Intellectual Disabilities: Tom Donnelly & Chris Gleason

3. Special Olympics of Arkansas (SOAR): Fred Jungers

4. Blood Drives: Ed Aucoin

5. McAuley Center Ground Maintenance Support: Mike Frantz

6. Pennies from Heaven: Tom Amant

7. Meals-on-Wheels, Garland County on Tuesdays: Dave Salmen

8. Good Samaritan Bingo: Milt Spaniel

9. St. Francis House Veteran Support: Mike Kerwin and Tom Donnelly

10. Jackson House Christmas Gifts: Rick Meyers and Jamie Cardinas

11. National Blind Camp (Arkansas): Mike Frantz

12. Bi-annual Treasure Sale: Chris Gleason and Frank Cox

The Community Director also supports the following activities.

1. Habitate for Humanity: Dave Witchger

2. Sacred Heart Helping Hands: Dave Johnston

3. The Disaster Relief Team: Gary Wolfer

4. Jackson House for People in Crisis: Marvin Young

 COUNCIL DIRECTOR: Ken Silvers supported by—

1. Prayer List: TBD

2. First Degree Exemplification: Tom Yarina

3. Knight of the Month: Officers and Directors

4. Knight of the Year: Officers and Directors

5. Installation of Officers, Dinner, and Meeting: Dave Johnston

6. Rosary for Meetings and Special Events: Larry Lipsmeyer

7. Dining before Membership Meetings: TBD

8. Kitchen Crew: TBD

9. Member Interest Surveys: Tony Cifelli and all Directors

Fundraisers organized and executed by the Council Director

1. Parish Breakfasts: Scott Krantz

2. Saturday evening Spaghetti Social Dinners

3. Ham Sales: Tom Conrad

4. New Year’s Eve Party: TBD

5. Mardi Gras Party: TBD

6. Fall Fest: TBD

7. House of Formation Dinner: Bob Honzik and  Tom Donnelly

8. Fr. Vic Honorarium Dinner: Bob Honzik

9. Coats-for-Kids fundraiser: Russ Harrison

10. Lenten  Fish Dinners: Ken Silvers

11. Dinner Theater productions: Gary Wolfer

12. Semi-annual Treasure Sale: Chris Gleason and Frank Cox


1. The Solemnity of Annunciation: Larry Cruz

2. Baby Bottle Campaign: Jim Goodson assisted by Jack Eatinger

3. 40 Days for Life: Jim Goodson assisted by Jack Eatinger

4. The March for Life, Little Rock: Jim Goodson assisted by Jack Eatinger

E. FAMILY DIRECTOR: Gerald Krawczynski supported by—

1. Spring Picnic: TBD

2. Family of the Month: Officer and Directors

3. Family of the Year:Officer and Directors

4. **Memorial Mass and Banquet: Buddy Dixon and Ken Silvers (meal only)

5. 4th of July Picnic: Dennis Sisson, Fred Jungers, Ken Silvers

6. Vaccines: Bill Nosek

7. Parish Movie Night with Parish Life: Gerald Krawczynski

8. Mothers Day Flowers: Gerald Krawczynski

9. Corporate Communion: Gerald Krawczynski

10. Marriage vow renewal: Gerald Krawczynski

** Buddy Dixon has total lead for all MM&B events/schedules/activities

F. YOUTH DIRECTOR: Walter Free supported by—

1. Free Throw Contest: Walter Free

2. National Camps for the Blind--CCD Teens: Mike Frantz

3. Coats for Kids Distribution: Walter Free

4. Junior Golf Volunteers: Milt Spaniel

G.  MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR: Rich Rivera supported by—

1.  Recruiting: Dave Johnston supported by all Trustees

2.  Mentoring Recruits and New Members: TBD

3.  Retention: Ed Doyle supported by Tom Donnelly

4.  Insurance Promotion: Ken Silvers, agent