Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church
      Daniel P. Sullivan Council 10208
    Fr. Victor A. Bieberle Assembly 2316

Prayer List

  • Mary Alice Albert (wife of Ron)
  • Patti Brandt (wife of Bob)
  • Ruth Brecken (Wife of Dick)
  • Tim Burke
  • Jim Dixon
  • Azelia Efferson (wife of Joe)
  • Eleanor Favrot (Mother-in-law of Ed Aucoin)
  • Evelyn and Marshal Garrison
  • Mike Garstecki
  • Dana Gieringer (Daaughter-in-Law of Deacon Wally)
  • Julie Gill (Sister of John Combes)
  • Patricia Goodson (Wife of Jim)
  • Sarah Haselow (granddaughter of Larry Cruz)
  • Steve Hasty (Son-in-Law of Jim Goodson)
  • Frank Heverly
  • Betty Hoepner (wife of Richard)
  • Bill Janser
  • Damian Janush (son of deceased Sir Knight Joe)
  • Georgia Janush (wife of deceased Sir Knight Joe)
  • Billy Jones
  • Fred Jungers
  • Wayne Kapple
  • Cliff & Bernie Kernen
  • Patricia Khuen (wife of deceased Knight James)
  • Scott Krantz
  • Richard Kroetz
  • Marianne and Al Kuhn
  • Lucine Lakebrink (Wife of Mike)
  • Cynthia LaMont (wife of Ken Silvers)
  • Trey Lucas (grandson of Mike Garstecki)
  • Marcie Margel (wife of deceased Sir Knight John)
  • Jim McDade
  • Elizabeth McGee (daughter of Buddy Dixon)
  • Bob and Betty Mierzwiak
  • Walter Mitchell
  • Mike Murphy
  • Judie Pearson (wife of deceased Sir Knight Tom)
  • Ida Porterfield (wife of Clyde)
  • Dianne Prescott (wife of Don)
  • Bob & Norma Rodgers
  • Rich Ronneau (Brother-in-Law of Mike Botkin)
  • Marty Schnoebelin (Wife of Randy)
  • Albert Sevigny (Cousin of Art Morissette)
  • Dorothy Sobczak (wife of deceased Sir Knight Casimer)
  • Molly Spaniel (Daughter of Milt)
  • Jim Staudt
  • Tom and Marge Thornton
  • Virginia Vereecke (wife of Norman)
  • Marilyn Wietlispach (wife of Carmen)
  • Connie Wilson (wife of Gordon)
  • Eileen Woods (Mother-in-Law of Deacon John Froning)

Knight's Site Search

One carnation for each deceased knight
The annual Memorial Mass to honor deceased brother and sir knights was held at 5:00pm on Tuesday, November 3. The six deceased knights since the 2014 Memorial Mass included: Sir Knights Father Victor Bieberle; Joel Daste; Casimir Sobczak; Carl Suttor; Jack Widlowski; and, Brother Knight Thomas Gallagher Jr.

A special invitation was sent by Grand Knight Gary Wolfer to all knight widows (48) living in the Village. Twenty six widows attended along with 64 knights and their spouses for a 151 total.

Prior to the mass, the widows were given a corsage and name badge in the narthex by Martha Dixon and Mary Anne Honzik. Sheila Harrison then took a photo of each widow standing with a member of the Honor Guard, who escorted her to the reserved seating on the front right side of the nave.

Widows in attendance – Joan Hinken Ashley, Ellie Barker, Barbara Benson, Mary Pat Billings, Bennie Buch, Jeanne Christensen, Tina Cooper, Jackie Daste, Jean Dobes, Jackie Fayman, Marcella Gausling, Arlene Giedt, Alma Jolliff, Marcie Margel, Marion McConnell, Kathleen Merten, Rosemary Miller, Elsa Naeger, Judie Pearson, Joanne Podraza, Carolyn Squire, Millie Steveken, Anna Suttor, Pat Widlowski, Connie Cody Wilson, Mary Ann Witcraft, and Ruth Roeder Wolfer.

The following Honor Guard members included: Ray Ambrozich; Larry Cruz; Jack Eatinger; Bill Hartnett; Mike Kerwin; Gerald Krawczynski; Bill Nosek; Bill Patterson; Gary Wolfer; and, Captain Tom Yerina. The ushers were Joe Janush, Dan Murphy, and Chuck Ralph.

The mass was con-celebrated by Father Bill Elser and Father Michael Hinken (son of widow Joan Hinken Ashley). Deacon Larry Lipsmeyer assisted at the mass, and he wore the new dalmatic and stole recently donated in his name to the Sacred Heart of Jesus vestment wardrobe for deacons. Deacon John Froning was the lector; John Bodensteiner, Russ Harrison and Gordon Wilson were the servers. The music was provided by cantor Buddy Dixon, vocalists Maureen Morgan and Diane Patterson, organist Lynne Border, and keyboardist Steve Fetcko.

Following Father Bill's homily, the names of the sir knights and the brother knights whose widows were present were read by Faithful Navigator Mike Kerwin and Grand Knight Gary Wolfer, respectively. The names of the knights deceased since the 2014 memorial mass were read by Father Elser at which time the bell was rung, and a carnation was inserted by an Honor Guard member into the vases containing 140 carnations representing the previously deceased knights.

After the mass, there was a social, dinner, and a brief meeting. The knights were given an opportunity to sponsor one or more widows for the widow. There were more sponsorships than widows. If a knight sponsored a specific widow, they were seated together at the same table. Name cards were designed and printed by Carolyn Bodensteiner. Steve Schramer was in charge of the refreshment center.

The dinner was prepared and served at the tables by Chef Johnna and her staff. The menu included: Caesar salad with garlic Parmesan croutons; braised beef tips in Pinot noir sauce with mushrooms & onions; three-cheese mashed potatoes with bacon; baked squash casserole; and three different desserts.

Grand Knight Gary Wolfer was the emcee for the evening. After dinner, there was a brief meeting which included the recognition of the October Knight of the Month Dan Murphy and the Family of the Month Ray and Gynnie Ambrozich. Also, District 10 Deputy Jimmy Rogers presented the 2014-2015 Star Council award to Past Grand Knight Bob Honzik and his Membership Chair Gary Wolfer. The meeting portion of the evening concluded with Anna Suttor reciting a favorite reading of her late husband, Carl.

Having just completed his 18th year of being involved with this event in the planning of the mass, Buddy Dixon thanked the musicians and others involved with this activity. The evening concluded with forming a circle of all attendees and singing “Let There be Peace on Earth.”

One summary of the evening was stated by a widow, “My husband is gone, but I have my family of Knights.  I am not alone”.

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