Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church
      Daniel P. Sullivan Council 10208
    Fr. Victor A. Bieberle Assembly 2316

Prayer List

  • Mary Alice Albert (wife of Ron)
  • Patti Brandt (wife of Bob)
  • Ruth Brecken (Wife of Dick)
  • Tim Burke
  • Jim Dixon
  • Azelia Efferson (wife of Joe)
  • Eleanor Favrot (Mother-in-law of Ed Aucoin)
  • Evelyn and Marshal Garrison
  • Mike Garstecki
  • Dana Gieringer (Daaughter-in-Law of Deacon Wally)
  • Julie Gill (Sister of John Combes)
  • Patricia Goodson (Wife of Jim)
  • Sarah Haselow (granddaughter of Larry Cruz)
  • Steve Hasty (Son-in-Law of Jim Goodson)
  • Frank Heverly
  • Betty Hoepner (wife of Richard)
  • Bill Janser
  • Damian Janush (son of deceased Sir Knight Joe)
  • Georgia Janush (wife of deceased Sir Knight Joe)
  • Billy Jones
  • Fred Jungers
  • Wayne Kapple
  • Cliff & Bernie Kernen
  • Patricia Khuen (wife of deceased Knight James)
  • Scott Krantz
  • Richard Kroetz
  • Marianne and Al Kuhn
  • Lucine Lakebrink (Wife of Mike)
  • Cynthia LaMont (wife of Ken Silvers)
  • Trey Lucas (grandson of Mike Garstecki)
  • Marcie Margel (wife of deceased Sir Knight John)
  • Jim McDade
  • Elizabeth McGee (daughter of Buddy Dixon)
  • Bob and Betty Mierzwiak
  • Walter Mitchell
  • Mike Murphy
  • Judie Pearson (wife of deceased Sir Knight Tom)
  • Ida Porterfield (wife of Clyde)
  • Dianne Prescott (wife of Don)
  • Bob & Norma Rodgers
  • Rich Ronneau (Brother-in-Law of Mike Botkin)
  • Marty Schnoebelin (Wife of Randy)
  • Albert Sevigny (Cousin of Art Morissette)
  • Dorothy Sobczak (wife of deceased Sir Knight Casimer)
  • Molly Spaniel (Daughter of Milt)
  • Jim Staudt
  • Tom and Marge Thornton
  • Virginia Vereecke (wife of Norman)
  • Marilyn Wietlispach (wife of Carmen)
  • Connie Wilson (wife of Gordon)
  • Eileen Woods (Mother-in-Law of Deacon John Froning)

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Larry and Jan
Larry and Jan
On Thursday evening, September 17, in the lower hall of Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, more than 270 paisihioners gathered to thank Deacon larry Lipsmeyer and his supportive wife, Jan, for his 17 years of dedicated service as deacon for their communiy.  As is the custom at Sacred Heart, the occasion was celebrated with a bountiiful potluck dinner, as all of the attendees brought one of their favoite dishes.  All of the tables were filled to overflowing with delicious food.

The event was sponsored by the Parish Life Commission with JoAnn O'Brien as coordinator.  Following social time, members of the several choirs under the direction of Lynne Border took the stage and sang a "Thanks for the Memory" parody to Larry.  The lyrics were written by Maureen Morgan from ideas suggested by choir members.  It follows:

"Thanks for the Memory" parody for Deacon Larry
Thanks for the memory 
Of seventeen wonderful years, the laughter and the tears,
The Masses and the classes and your heart we hold so dear.
How lucky we are!

Thanks for the memory.
Your pilgrimage to Rome, so very far from home.
The Holy Land was very grand.
Your presence made us one.
How lovely it was.

Many the sermon delivered and many the treasures arranged.
So many banquets attended.
You tend our flock, you’re like a rock.

So thanks for the memory 
Of tennis on the courts, you sure look cute in shorts. 
But any time you’re needed then for duty you’d report.
How loyal you are.

Thanks for the memory
You taught us how to do our service just like you.
Ministers and servers really learned your point of view.
You showed us so much.

Many the missals you’ve carried
And many the bells you have rung.
Weddings, baptisms and blessings,
It’s lots of work, but now you’re done!

So thanks for the memory
Of Jan, your loyal spouse, the Mistress of the house.
Her head’s in a spin that you can sleep in.
Just quiet as a mouse!
Dear Larry, thanks much.

Following the dinner, there was a short program with Father Elser and Monsignor Malone recognizing and

Deacon Dalmatic and Stole
Deacon Dalmatic and Stole
thanking Deacon Larry for his work for them amd the parsih.  As a representative of the Council in the absence of Grand Knight Gary Wolfer, John Bodensteiner presented a white dalmatic (like a chasuble for a priest) and a stole with the Knights of Columbus emblem. It will have the following sewn into the collar:  "Dalmatic and stole donated to Sacred Heart of Jesus in Deacon Larry Lipsmeyer's name by Council 10208 in thanks for his faithful service to the Council and his assistance to the Chaplain."  

The event concluded with Larry's heartfelt thanks to all present for their support.

As with any event of this type, there were many volunteers who assisted JoAnn O'Brien besides her husband, Terry.  JoAnn stated, "We had a lot of help with the dinner.  There were several who did not volunteer ahead of time, but just came into the kitchen and began helping out wherever needed.  It was a great parish team effort."

The volunteers included Mary Anne Honzik, assisted by Nancy Froning and Pat Cudwrth, who was in charge of the table centerpieces and signage for the tables; JoAnn and Terry were assisted in hall setup by Pam Cox, Bill Patterson, and Marge Vorisek; they were also assisted with serving and clean up by Elsa Naeger, Mary and Dan Trepanier, Ann and Jerry Krawczynski, Dee and Wayne Kapple, Rose Harrigan, Ray and Gynnie Ambrozich, Ginette and Don Levac, Bob and Bonnie Lennen, Karen Meyers, and Chris Stein; and, Ted Otero and Steve Schramer who handled the refreshment center.

A Thank You from Deacon Larry as it appeared on the Sacred Heart of Jesus web site:
Thanks to each of you, parishioners of Sacred Heart, for the past 17 years of devotion and friendship that you have given to Jan and me.  There has not been a time when we have asked anyone to do a ministry that you have not come forward and given all that you have.  We are eternally grateful for this.  Special thanks to those who were able to attend the pot luck dinner which was held for us.  The food was fantastic and the number of people who attended was just amazing.

I want everyone to know that I will still be around to help the parish in Adult Education and in ministry to the homebound. I will also be more than willing to help anyone who wants to preplan their funeral readings and music. Give me a call, and we will set a day and time to get together.  Please remember, you are always in my prayers. - Deacon Lipsmeyer

Pictures of the evening can be viewed by clicking on PHOTOS